Mighty, mighty snowflakes: Reflections on Women’s March on Washington

This morning I read John  Pavlovitz’s “Snowflake Manifesto” http://johnpavlovitz.com/2017/01/08/a-snowflake-manifesto/    This, I thought, this is the perfect response to the “why” of the Women’s March on Washington and all the other marches across the world. Because we women, unique, diverse and sometimes overpowered, are a mighty force to be reckoned with when we come together. When we stand up and act up and speak up – together. Our strength is our individuality, our diversity, compounded. The old adage that we are not a melting pot, but a stew, comes to mind. 

We each marched for our own reasons – women’s rights, affordable health care, prison reform, racism,  environmental protections,  reproductive rights, climate change concerns –  the reasons were diverse and as varied as the women and men  and children who marched. And many chose not to march for equally good reasons. The conversation about why many women of color chose to “sit this one out” is an important one. One that I am listening in on as I work to come to term not only with my white privelege but with how I need to adjust my own filters, my own understanding of history (particularly feminist history)  in order to even begin to comprehend the anger and frustration behind the many wome who chose to not participate.  This is a particularly good blog post about the history part:    http://notinmycolour.com/feminist-intersectional-history-womens-march/

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